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50: Celebrating Christ

Today Denver answers this question, ” As we celebrate Christ during this season, what should we know about Him today?”


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41: The Journey

In this episode Denver addresses the following: We understand from scripture that “Wise men still seek Christ today”. At the time of the birth of Christ, the people in Palestine knew almost nothing of the birth of the Savior. Even Herod’s priests were wholly unaware, yet certain wise men “from the East” made an arduous 2-year journey to come into the presence of the Savior. What would cause them to take a journey of thousands of miles, how did they even know about Christ, his birth, the signs in the heavens, and how to correctly interpret them?


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12: Resurrection Morning

What happened on the morning of Christ’s resurrection? Today, Denver shares his eyewitness account and testimony of the events that transpired on Easter morning, along with a few thoughts on what those events mean for all of us.  Continue reading “12: Resurrection Morning”

3: Who is Christ?

Who is Christ? What are His attributes?

Today’s discussion addresses the standard of salvation, what a saved being is and Christ as the prototype for all men. Denver shares first-hand testimony of Christ, who is real, who lives and who is approachable by everyone! Continue reading “3: Who is Christ?”

1: Gethsemane

What is the significance of what Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane?

In this podcast, Denver answers this question, and gives his eye-witness account of the events that day.

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