Nephi’s Isaiah

Nephi's Isaiah

The first author in the Book of Mormon was named Nephi. He wrote 18 chapters quoting or paraphrasing Isaiah. Nephi’s Isaiah is an extraordinary analysis of the reason Nephi included the Isaiah quotes in his works, and the message he intended for us. This book is a tour through prophecies directly speaking to the latter-days in which we live. Sometimes alarming, sometimes comforting, always informing; this bold discussion of Nephi’s meaning is unlike anything you’ve read on the subject before. This is the second book by Denver C. Snuffer, Jr., and is a companion to his earlier book, The Second Comforter: Conversing With the Lord Through the Veil. It not only interprets Nephi’s warnings and reasons, it also gives you a new method for your own scripture study. After you read this book, you will never view the scriptures the same.