Month: October 2018

40: Interpreting Scripture

Today, Denver addresses the following: Sometimes it seems like there is a conflict between the Old Testament and the New Testament. They seem to come from very different people, with very different ideas about God. How do we reconcile the differences?


New Paper

I have put up a new paper that contains the Answer: Build a House and my present initial understanding of the meaning of the Answer. It is on the downloads page and can be reached through this link:

Build a House

My initial interpretation begins following the Answer on page 3 of the document. Of course it is not an attempt to extract all the meaning of the Answer, but only the most obvious initial meaning that is apparent to me.

39: Babylon

Today, Denver addresses the following questions: Who or what is the stone cut out of the mountain that will grind Babylon to dust? Has that happened yet? If not, how will it happen, or is it already underway?