Strangers and Angels

Here was my thought to the kids last night as they were getting ready to for bed:
“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  (Heb. 13: 2.)
I believe that.  I think it happens more often than people generally believe or even think possible.

4 thoughts on “Strangers and Angels

  1. Agreed. I had an experience I *think* w this twice. First one was I had a habit before Church of dropping off the mail around the corner from my house on the way to chuch. Well, one Sunday, a bum was sitting on the bench next to the mail box and look at me w the most piercing blue eyes. I just smiled at him, and he only statred. About 2 weeks later, I had forgotten to mail the letters on Sunday, so during the 2nd hour I snuck out to mail the letters/bills and there was the bum again, this time asleep on the bench. This time I tried to wake him, but he wouldn’t wake-so I just slipped him a fin (5.00) in his hand and left. Haven’t seen him since.
    2nd incident: My EQ Pres and I decided to go to the Temple one night, I was his first counselor. As we were entering the gates a dishelved man pulled up on his bike saying he needed to raise 17.00. All I had was 7.00 dollars on me. I gave him 2.00 because I needed 5.00 for a packet rental. My EQ look at me quizzingly, on why I would do this. I showed him the verse you quoted in the Temple later in the Chapel. I think he got it. Since then he has finsihed reading the 2nd Comforter. Even if these were mere mortals, I don’t think it matters, only that we don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing as we serve our Master. All of our acts are recorded, and I’m looking to up my Spiritual 401K hoping it will be matched a billion fold. All right that’s all I have-too much caffiene I think.

  2. This thought made me ponder your “parable” today “The Missing Virtue”

    I was raised with a mother who worked and still does everyday for everyone around her. Godliest woman I know…BUT… she always taught me to never give money to beggars or “bums” on the streets. She owns a business and would always explain to me that they can get up and get jobs like anyone else.
    I too followed this suit for many years. I was conditioned to believe that they would just “use it to buy alcohol”. “I didn’t need to give them my money, they could go out and get their own”.

    It was until I married the man that I did and read your book that I realized that it was not my decision to make. God put us all here to help and support each other, not to drag each other down and push others lower so we feel higher…no, that is not it at all. We are here to love each other. To carry each others burdens. To live and to give.

    I remember your parable often and met a man today pulling out of a grocery store parking lot in downtown Salt Lake. Looking at my car full of food, and his empty hands I couldn’t help but hand him money. Although it was very little the sweet man said…”It’s St. Patricks day…you get an irish jig!”.
    He did a jig.
    So I pulled away with a smile on my face. My spirits lifted, and knowing that I was not alone in the world that day.

    God is good. As for my missing virutes…there are many. But God willing…each day I will improve. Each day truly is a gift. It is up to us how we open it and use it.

  3. I find it interesting recently that there has been a paradigm shift in the LDS culture-a positive one. In the 1980s it seemed if you were not financially successful-it was deemed because you were not “righteous enough” -in the LDS culture. Now that the economy is in the crapper, all LDS members have been forced to do a real inventory of their values, bringing to mind King Benjamin’s words: “Are we all not beggars”?
    Coinciding w that, conversions in the USA have noticed a slight up tick, and I would not rule out the economy being a factor- making people more humble and teachable.

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