It is enough for one to seek him

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, in a fullness, with power to save and exalt, remains intact on the earth.  Whenever there are those who come to Him, He will quickly come to them.
Since salvation is always an individual event, the failure of others to search for and obtain the great blessings which He makes available to His followers is not and never has been predicated upon the success of a group.
It is enough for one to seek Him.  But when two or three are gathered in His name, He will not leave them comfortless, but will respect their faith, heed and diligence.
Lamenting about the decay all around you will not help you draw closer to Him.  If you detect that decay, then your eyes have been opened, and you should do something about it in your own life.  Condemning the failure of others has not advanced a single soul in history.  It is true enough that the Lord may require by the constraint of the Spirit that people be “reproved betimes with sharpness” but only “when moved upon by the Holy Ghost.”  (D&C 121: 43.)  But the Gospel of Jesus Christ consists in gathering light and truth, which is not accomplished by focusing upon the failings of others.  (D&C 93: 28.)

One thought on “It is enough for one to seek him

  1. I have often pondered a question about Godliness. I would love some insight or to just be pointed in the right direction. I have been taught, and believe that the power to Godliness is tucked into the ordinances of the gospel. As we draw nearer to Him with our hearts, and earnestly seek Him, how do the ordinances play their key role? Is it more than the authority they give us to progress further towards Him? Are there certain ordinances it is referring to as key “prerequisites”, or are there certain things we should be learning while participating in the ordinances? Sorry, it may be an obvious answer, and I may be making more of it than I should. I just have had a difficult time understanding this concept. I feel like there is a lot to it that I don’t understand. Thank you for all your posts!

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