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Brigham Young’s Telestial Kingdom

I have completed an essay about Brigham Young and his Telestial Kingdom. The paper is available for download on Scribd. You do not need a Facebook account to access Scribd, but you do need a Scribd account. They are free and easy to set up.

As always, I suggest you read the footnotes. 

Brigham Young’s Telestial Kingdom.

We have received some comments regarding inability to download the Brigham Young essay on Scribd.  I have spent some time looking into this. I can access it from all computers, multiple browsers and an iPad. I can read it from the site, I can download it. the only thing I didn’t try is printing it. However, on the Scribd website there is a possibility that it will show an occasional blank page. If you close Scribd and and open it up again the pages will be there.

Posted Essays

We have had continued requests for the essays Denver has written. The requests have increased since he mentioned “The First Three Words of the Endowment” in a recent post. Here are the links:

“The First Three Words”

“Elijah Talk”

These links will take you to the Scribd website. You don’t need a Facebook account to access Scribd, but you do need a Scribd account. They are free and registering is simple and doesn’t obligate you to anything.

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The First Three Words

In addition to the Elijah talk recently posted, we have decided to also upload the “First Three Words.” A great number of blog readers have requested this and had it emailed to them, and we are still occasionally receiving requests. Thanks to technology and the internet and all that good stuff we are providing that one as a pdf as well.

We hope you all enjoy and everyone have a joyous Christmas season focusing on Christ.

CM – the moderator

The First Three Words