Update: Holy Order, Part 2 paper

The paper version of The Holy Order, Part 2 has been updated. There were two typos that needed to be fixed, and I’ve added a new footnote (Footnote 26) to clarify something that apparently has been misunderstood. I thought the explanation that prohibited “vain ambition” or “gratifying pride” was clear enough, but apparently the reference to Abraham “seeking and willing” has led to a misunderstanding. Footnote 26 explains: “It should not be understood that his seeking and willingness implied any sense of aspiring or ambition. That was not in [Abraham’s] character. He did not go to Melchizedek asking for ordination, but showed only those attributes to God. God chose him. God identified him to Melchizedek.”

I’d like to leave this subject alone now. What has been said should be enough, and the scriptures can provide answers if you search them now that this paper has been provided.