NY Conference

I want to thank those who organized the recent conference in New York. It was very well organized, the venues were outstanding, and the effort really paid off for those able to attend. Although it was originally planned for Kirtland, Ohio and had to be relocated, the historic area made more sense than even the original chosen site. This may have been the best organized conference to date.

Those who organize conferences bear the costs and burdens of the event. I appreciate their sacrifices and really was impressed by this one. It was a long way to travel, and certainly there were many people who could not attend who would have liked to have been there. But for those who were able to participate, it was well organized, well planned, and very appreciated.

My wife and I visited EB Grandin’s print shop in Palmyra, the Smith Family house, Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, Peter Whitmer farm, Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario while there. We even walked across the bridge into Canada and ate lunch there during the visit.

The talk by Adrian Larsen is now up on YouTube: And Then Will I Remember My Covenant Which I Have Made. The talk I gave is also up on YouTube: The Holy Order, Part 2. The discussion by my wife (and me-but mostly her) is also up on YouTube: Topics to Consider.

I was at the full eclipse of 2017 in the path of totality, where the sun was visible throughout the event. But this eclipse happened with an overcast sky, and the sun was not clearly visible. From my point of view, the total eclipse with a cloud cover was much more dramatic and sobering to experience. It came like a thief in the night, because as long as any portion of the sun was not obstructed, it remained day-time and well lit. But when totality happened night fell abruptly, and the day ended. It was as if a day, a night, and a day passed in a single session. The only light during totality was at the distant horizon where it appeared a new sunrise was underway. It was quite remarkable. Experiencing totality first with a visible sun and then later with a cloud cover were both remarkable, but I preferred seeing the second one to the first.