Republic and Arrogance

The Electoral College was adopted by the Constitutional fathers to prevent a dictatorship by population centers. But concentration of power in population centers is trending more and more.

Washington DC, Boston, New York, Pittsburg, Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia are utterly dependent upon rural American to exist. They cannot eat without constant re-supply coming from rural America.

If rural America, called “fly-over-country” by the urban centers of political power, were ever to awaken to their ability to decimate, even destroy the urban centers, it would recalibrate political power in the United States.

At some point, it is foreseeable, that rural America will tire of the arrogance of the crowded and vulnerable big cities. When that happens, the Republic itself will undergo a needed realignment and the arrogant will be humbled.

We live in an interesting time. Our day resembles the time when the United States of America was founded: When a great number awakened to tyranny and decided to brook it no longer.