Puppets and Puppeteers

America was founded in revolutionary fire as men and women yearned to be free from oppressive and arrogant monarchs. They fled from every nation in Europe, and after the founding of a new nation they fled from every nation on earth. America was created from the human impulse to be free.

There is a resilient and deeply imbedded impulse that inclines Americans toward freedom. Although the schools of America have been corrupted and compromised, and leaders of media and commerce are easily manipulated into assuming it is possible to become puppeteers controlling the American public, there remains the problem of making puppets.

If Americans cannot be satisfied that an actual election with accurate vote counts have taken place, it will not take long before the putative puppeteers learn they have no puppets to control. It will not end well.

It is critical for the peace in America that everyone be openly and fully satisfied that the voting has been accurate, and all indications of fraud have been ruled out.