Temple Fund

I received a request to put this statement up from the sisters gathering funds for the temple project:


We hereby inform all interested parties that all monetary gifts donated for the temple fund have been and are currently held in their entirety without any disbursal for any reason to this date, March 1, 2020. Not one cent has been spent, or is expected to be spent, until construction commences.

Every donation is carefully recorded in two separate records maintained by members of the committee.

We plan to provide full transparency of all gifts (with donor names withheld for privacy) as well as an accounting for all expenditures when the temple is complete.

The fund at this point has earned over $11,000.00 in interest, which also has not been spent, and which will continue to accumulate as part of the temple funds, until construction begins.

The Temple Fund Committee

Karen Strong
Janette VanLeer
Elaine Henderson