Hurricane Conference

On March 20-22 there is a Conference scheduled in Hurricane, Utah. The website for details can be found here: The Heavens Are Open

I look forward to seeing those of you who choose to attend. The opportunity to meet together is always a wonderful experience.

I flew to Denver, Colorado this last week and noted the airline travelers, hotel guests and rental car providers are all having fewer customers. That was a welcome change from what I normally confront in travel. Politics, it seems, are now played with a recklessness and frenzy that puts on quite a show.

Amid all the despair and gloom I noticed that the sunrise and sunset continues to display daily beauty and the constant reassurance that what God ordains will happen. Even in the light-polluted night sky of the Wasatch Front, right now, overhead we have Orion, Venus, Castor and Pollux still visible. A few nights ago the twins of Gemini seemed to be standing with their feet on the moon. Ursa Major still points to Polaris, and that fixed point in the northern sky is visible despite the streetlights of my community.

While we were hiking last Saturday we ran into the rafter of turkeys that have been absent for the last month. (A “flock” of turkeys is called a “rafter.”) It was nice to see them again. Cycles in nature continue unabated.

When I see mankind fearfully running about and acting on their dread, I think of how ancient prophets compared man to the unruly sea. The ‘seas heaving themselves beyond their bounds’ is a familiar scriptural metaphor used to describe panic in the last days. ‘Men’s hearts failing them for fear’ is another way the bemused prophets and our Lord described how society will behave as the end approaches.

I look forward to next week’s conference.