Scripture Ordering Choices

The link I put up yesterday about the leather edition of the scriptures will only allow special-order for a limited time, with delivery of the entire order expected in early 2020.

The website has added a significant volume of new content to help those who are ordering new leather scriptures. It is designed to allow a person to learn about each cover type, as well as the process for making the leather-bound edition.

During the Special Order window that will last only until October 15th, a wide variety of choices of multiple colors and cover types will be available, with pictures and explanations available on Most sets are $99, which includes delivery within the USA.

As to the pricing, although the price may seem to be unbelievably low for books of this outstanding quality, it is because much of the development and production of these scriptures has been subsidized by volunteers who have made generous donations of time and money, and because the Restoration Scriptures Foundation does NOT seek to earn a profit from providing the scriptures. Although many of the hard costs involved with making these scriptures are already known, some variable costs such as freight, packaging, and postage cannot be known until the time when an order is actually delivered. Those costs have been estimated and included in the order price. In the event of a shortfall because the price was set too low, several generous people have offered to help cover it. However, in the event the price produces an overage after all orders have been filled, the plan is to donate it to the temple fund. It is my understanding that it is likely the shortfall or overage will be less than $100 on the entire special order of a minimum of 1,400 books.

For those planning to attend next week’s General Conference in Boise, ID, there will be a Leather Scriptures Booth, where you will be able to see and hold the various prototypes. Once you place an order an email confirmation of your order will be sent to you.

The preferred payment method is check or money order, to avoid the processing fees associated with credit card transactions. Especially for orders of $500 or more, they ask that you consider completing your checkout using the “check or money order” payment method, then drop a check for the total amount in the mail to the address on your order confirmation email.