Ordering Scriptures

It is now possible to order a leather-bound, 100% cotton paper set of scriptures through this website: Scriptures.Shop

The opportunity to order will last until October 15th, and then the order will be placed with the printer. It is likely there will be another future printing, but when (and even if) that happens is unknown.

The printer will produce all the copies in a single order. We must purchase that order and pay for it, because the printer is not producing these in a print-on-demand process. There will be a single printing of a set number. The number will depend on the quantity of orders that are placed.

Paperback versions will remain print-on-demand and available for purchase at any time. It is only the leather-bound version that is special order and limited quantity.

The link provided above will provide you with the other information and instructions on how to place an order.

I am very grateful for all the labor provided by the many volunteers to make these possible. I also want to thank in advance all those who will be handling the shipping and distribution that will be involved in finishing this process.