Updates on Scriptures

After years of painstaking work to get the details correct, last week the scripture committee met to do a final review of the labor. As far as any of those involved could report to each other, the work had been completed and reviewed for errors, and was now ready to typeset and publish.

Bids have been gathered and samples of work have been purchased to make a decision on a printer for a leather-bound, high-quality version. This will allow a lighter, more portable copy to be carried in hand.

After the meeting I was asked to petition the Lord for approval of the completed project, which I did and April 6th obtained the Lord’s word approving the finished project. However, given the fact that more is expected to be revealed, it may not be appropriate to use the word “finished” for these scriptures. But the recovery project is coming to an end.

In the upcoming conference in Colorado the scripture committee will be giving a report on the work. They also hope to have a sample of the selected printer’s work to show to those interested in purchasing a leather copy. There are also a few matters to be voted on to determine if they should be added before printing.

The new scriptures finally publish the New Testament and Book of Mormon as a single volume, as Joseph Smith planned. They include the most correct version of the Book of Mormon, the first complete Joseph Smith Version of the Bible, and the most accurate version of the revelations and letters of Joseph Smith.

The upcoming conference in Grand Junction Colorado set for April 19-21 has a website linked here: Conference: A Hope in Christ: The Temple