3 Nephi 20: 13

3 Nephi 20: 13: 

“And then shall the remnants, which shall be scattered abroad upon the face of the earth, be gathered in from the east and from the west, and from the south and from the north; and they shall be brought to the knowledge of the Lord their God, who hath redeemed them.”
Notice “remnants” is plural. This is Christ speaking, and the scope of the message is universal. It is not local. It includes local events, to be sure. But the time of this fulfillment will be global. All the “remnants” will be affected.

It will not matter if the particular “remnant” is anywhere “upon the face of the earth” they will be “gathered in.”

Why would they necessarily be “gathered?” What is the purpose of “gathering?”

Why “gather” merely to then return them to their lands of inheritance? (See discussion of 3 Nephi 21: 27-28 here.)

Which is more important, to gather physically or to gather “to the knowledge of the Lord their God?”

How could people gather “to the knowledge of the Lord their God?” What kind of “knowledge of the Lord God” will be involved? Do you get that knowledge by supporting men in their callings? Do men and their callings even matter? Can you grow in knowledge of God by following, even memorizing, a handbook;  following, memorizing talks and inspirational literature? What does a person need to follow, to do, to abide by in order to gain “knowledge of the Lord their God?” What about those who testify to you about programs and personalities, but never preach about Christ and Him crucified?

Do true messengers speak about one another, or about their Lord? How can a man, any man, save you? Who alone has the capacity to redeem you? Is “knowledge of the Lord their God” related also to knowledge that He “hath redeemed them?” Can you “know” Christ and not acquire in the process of knowing Him the knowledge that He “hath redeemed” you?

Do you come to understand He has redeemed you by also coming to know Him?

Do Joseph’s remarks about the Lord coming to visit with the remnant in the Rocky Mountains explain how both those coming from the four corners of the compass will gain “knowledge of the Lord their God” and also know He “hath redeemed them?”

Do you begin to see a pattern of consistent prophetic foreknowledge of the last days? Do Christ’s words in this message of the Book of Mormon give any greater reason to believe in the promises?

If these promises are made by Him, should you expect it possible for you to go ahead and “gather in” to Him even before there are others willing to do so?  Can this “gathering in” occur in your lifetime, for you? If God is no respecter of persons, then what would you need to do today to obtain the same blessings others will receive as they “gather in” in perhaps greater numbers in the future? Is it possible to do that? Are you willing to try?

It seems to me this doctrine is important in a macro sense in understanding prophetic promises and future gatherings. But it is perhaps more important in the micro sense, in that anything promised to anyone in any age is always available on the same principles to anyone willing to abide them at any time. (D&C 130: 20-21.) Do you really believe these teachings of our Lord? Then why not act on them?

I know these things are truly within the reach of almost all of you. The overwhelming majority of readers of this blog have lived better lives than I have You are almost all better qualified than I was. I believed these things, trusted the Lord, acted on His promises. As a result, I am among those who has been “gathered in” and I “know the Lord my God,” having been “redeemed by Him.” It is more than possible for you.

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  1. I LOVE this!-
    “But it is perhaps more important in the micro sense, in that anything promised to anyone in any age is always available on the same principles to anyone willing to abide them at any time. (D&C 130: 20-21.) Do you really believe these teachings of our Lord? Then why not act on them?”

    I have changed over the last 4 months from “hesitant” to really believe this possible for “me”, when I first started reading The Second Comforter, to I absolutely want this more than anything in the world! I must admit I think about this ALL of the time. I think thats a good thing.

  2. My greatest fear is that I will look back at my life and I will not have done the will of the one Eternal God in my life.

  3. At what point is a person considered “gathered in”? Denver at what point did you consider your self gathered in?

  4. I want to comment on Denver’s last paragraph of today’s post. I was a veil worker for a few years when I had experiences where on a couple of different occasions, I heard the voice the person that I was doing work for. I felt much like Denver describes “The overwhelming majority of readers of this blog have lived better lives than I have You are almost all better qualified than I was.” and since I felt so unworthy I was prompted to ask during prayer “why would I be worthy of such an experiences?” And the answer came simply, “because you believe.” This is probably a very small thing compared to what many here have experienced but I’m sure that the same principle is behind any such spiritual experience. I don’t know that I will be “gathered in” in my life here on earth, but if so it will be in the lords own time and in the Lords own way as the scripture says. Partly due to Denver’s writings, I now believe that much greater things than I have experienced so far are possible if I will continue to, “[believe] these things, [trust] the Lord, [act] on His promises..” as Denver states above.

  5. Mark 9 comes to mind:

    23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

    24 And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.

    I am OLD (80+). My Patriarchal Blessing given Many years ago is very specific in that which I have covenanted to do – ‘when my body is bent with years’. I have received healing blessings from the priesthood which have stated that I will live to accomplish a work that yet has to be done. The Lord has led me along a rather strange path, but it is always in the same direction – to receive the baptism of fire and my election. The baptism of fire is a pre-requisite to performing the covenants in the Blessing. Recently I have again received several instructions that the work above mentioned must be accomplished and further instructions on the ‘way’ were part of the witness that it yet needed to be put in place. He guides and instructs and opens another door frequently – depending upon how firm I hold onto the ‘words’ He has already given. The works are that of teaching – nothing spectacular but definite – Snuffer has been a great blessing in the preparation that is required to allow this to be accomplished – Whether I do the actual teaching or my children or someone else – the materials are being ‘gathered and stored’ along with the food, etc.
    Remember Snuffer’s blog on the ‘record within you’ – The Lord knows YOU and what is on that record – He only waits to reveal it. He knows the Way – He IS the Way! Don’t even ask will I – only What do I do today!
    Stop THINKING with your carnal mind and LISTEN to the Spirit’s words to your Heart (spirit mind).
    Unlike Denver I have NOT yet received my baptism of fire – I am still working on it. This was one of the parts of the Blessing -so it is all part of the whole – so “Lord, what is Thy Word for this day”.

  7. cs, we have to make certain that we are doing the Lord’s will in all things. I do not want to overstep any bounds… if I do, it could make my time for being gathered more distant. So I’m patient.

  8. If I love the Lord and strive to serve him through following his example of loving my fellow men, will I be punished and trodden down by the “remenant” because I am not part of your group of those who have been “gathered”?

  9. BB,
    If I am understanding you right, I think we are doing the same thing. I am “gathering and storing materials” as well as food too. I feel as though I want to have access to all of this material Denver is discussing as well as his books. It is a very compelling feeling within me to have access to all of this to study and so I can teach my children, come what may. I’m not counting on always having access to the internet.

    I have been rereading the posts earlier on 3 Nephi 21. It is amazing how much deeper my understanding is in just a few months time, from when Denver first wrote those posts.

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