2 Nephi 33: 15

“For what I seal on earth, shall be brought against you at the judgment bar; for thus hath the Lord commanded me, and I must obey. Amen.”
Another reminder of Nephi’s status. Not only does he preach the words of Christ, but he also has the authority and power to “seal on earth” his message.  He obtained this directly from the Lord. He is a trusted servant, acting in the similitude of the Savior Himself. Holding the power to seal, he proceeds to do so. Those with eyes to see will realize this is an important punctuation mark on the the final statement he leaves for us in his message.
The power to seal and “the Lord commanded me, and I must obey” go hand in hand. One simply does not receive this kind of authority if they will begin to freelance. They are to use it only in the manner the Lord would use it. Although the power is theirs to use, they are governed by their character to use it only according to the Lord’s command. Nephi, for example, received this acknowledgment when given the power to seal: “that all things shall be done unto thee according to thy word, for thou shalt not ask that which is contrary to my will.” (Helaman 10: 5; see 10: 4-5 for the more complete explanation.)
When Joseph Smith received this power it was given in connection with his calling and election made sure. It happened between 1829 and 1832, the exact date is unknown. It was reduced to writing in 1843 in D&C 132. It is my view that the revelation making mention of it was not a single event, but rather as many as five different revelations related to the same subject, all of which were dictated at the same time and included in Section 132. I’ve explained this earlier in a series of posts about Section 132. Go back and look here, here, here, here, here, and here  if you don’t remember it.
Joseph received this power, and this fullness between 1829 and 1832. However, by 1841 Joseph was no longer able to use it because it had been “taken from [the church].” (D&C 124: 28.) It would not affect Joseph individually, for his calling and election was made sure. (D&C 132: 49.) But if “taken,” it would affect the church.
Nephi’s power to “seal” his writings at the command of the Lord, and his own obedience, now make his words binding on all of us. They become covenantal. Hence the reference to remembering “the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon.” (D&C 84: 57.) It is not merely interesting doctrine, nor even prophecy, but has reached covenantal status by virtue of the priestly seal placed upon it by Nephi. We ignore it at our peril. We define it as just a volume of scripture at our loss. It was intended to be studied and followed as the means to reassert a covenant between ourselves and God. By following its precepts we can return to God’s presence where we are endowed with light and truth, receive intelligence and understanding. Each of us is invited to make that return. Nephi lived it, and as a result was able to teach it. We should do the same. That is, live it to be able to understand and then teach it. It is the doing that leads to the understanding.
There is a great deal of what Nephi taught that we have not considered. 
Now let’s talk bout the remnant.

7 thoughts on “2 Nephi 33: 15

  1. Gosh Denver I have enjoyed these last chapters of Nephi. I feel very sad to have come to the end of his teachings.

    I have to admit I really enjoyed 2 Nephi 28 and I was wondering how the ending chapters were going to top 28. But I have been absolutley blown away by these last chapters of Nephi. I am stunned. I cannot understand why I have been a baptized member of this church for 29 years now, and NEVER have I been taught what I have learned over the last few weeks. I’m not even blaming anyone. I can’t believe I have read the Book of Mormon myself and never got this.

    I feel as though Nephi has provided us with all we need to know to gain salvation. It is amazing. I have never known these things. Why are we as a church, not shouting it from the roof tops!?! I just can’t find words to describe the way I feel as Iam coming to an understanding of these things.

    Thank you.

  2. So, our part of the “new covenant” is that we will obey the precepts taught in the Book Of Mormon; and His part is that He will allow us to return to his presence?

    I guess if we had paid more literal attention to Joseph’s statement that a man might get “nearer to God by abiding by it’s precepts” we would have already known that.

  3. Donald,

    Thanks for that link. It was a surprisingly quick read, and uplifting. My favorite “aha” insight is the realization that Moses’ first introduction to God in that revelation before his encounter with Satan was a pre-existence ceremonial setting. I never thought of that before. That makes the second ascension laden with more important blessings for Moses than the first, potentially.

  4. Zang family: It was a quick read… I was impressed with the art work in the codex Sylvester… I looked at it a little differently given what is being shared here… specifically Nephi’s (and Lehi’s) journey to heaven and return to Earth… what Nephi has to teach us (and what is available to us) and his use of sealing power.

  5. I wonder why that fairlds.org link with the 2010 conferences do not show the two AWESOME presentations given about the priesthood order of celestial plural marriage? Did the COB or GA’s flex their powers to suppress… hope not. Of course, guys like Brian Hales just need to come to understand the reasons, functions and benefits of plural marriage and why God restored that true practice among us:)

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