4 thoughts on “One a Day

  1. I know that this may not be the place to post this, but it doesn’t really go with anything in particular. I am curious to hear Denver’s (or anyone else’s) thoughts on Mormon.org’s new approach to reach out. Specifically, http://www.mormon.org/people

  2. I looked at all the video clips of people who are Mormon. I never quite understood what Denver was referring to when he talked about focus groups and marketing. I think, though, this is an example of it.

    The premise behind the videos is, “We are just like you…” albeit, seemingly nicer and happier versions. “We surf and sing and do art and skateboard and are ‘citizens of the world.'”

    I’m not wanting to criticize per se, I was just wondering if this is what Denver was referring to when he talks about “groveling to gain acceptance from a doomed and ignorant religious tradition …”

  3. The church uses what are called “personas” to market various ideas and programs. They create or fabricate a person and use that artificial person to present a point or make a “comment” as if it were a real person. Then when enough others have gotten the idea and are running with it, the personas are no longer needed and can be withdrawn or eliminated.

    It would be interesting to know how many of the “people” whose names and information appear on the church’s new site are now real and how many were personas created to populate the blog. It probably has enough traction now that they aren’t needed anymore.

    Beyond that, I don’t have a reaction. It certainly represents a major investment to create and maintain.

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