Alma 13:4

“And thus they have been called to this holy calling on account of their faith, while others would reject the Spirit of God on account of the hardness of their hearts and blindness of their minds, while, if it had not been for this they might have had as great privilege as their brethren.” 

The result of what went on before is the reason for the ordination or calling.  That is, “thus they have been called.”  Meaning that all of what went into the earlier experiences i.e., being left to choose between good and evil, and having chosen good, having “faith” and good works, is the reason for their ordination. These souls are not novices. They are not getting authority here for the first time. They come with power from beyond this earth, bringing it with them to this earth. They qualified before and elsewhere.  

All of this is “on account of their faith.” All things are obtained through faith. That is explained in the Sixth Lecture, quoted here.  Faith is a principle of power. It is capable of making things happen. There must be a connection between faith and power; between faith and priesthood. 

Others reject the Spirit of God and, therefore, do not have this power.  These others may claim to have authority, but they do not really receive power from the Spirit of God.  They are animated by a different source.  

What, then, causes someone who has a little authority “as they suppose” (they don’t really have it, you see), to attempt to use that pretense to control and dominate others?  The answer is contained in revelations already in print. It is their pride, their insecurities, the need to control, to be praised and celebrated, the need to gratify their vain ambition. These are character flaws. They cover up these flaws by claiming to have priestly authority from God.  (D&C 121: 34-44.)

They are the world’s Pharaohs, not the world’s Abraham’s. Their hearts are hard, their minds blind.  

They do not hear the Spirit of God, and therefore none of the powers of heaven are with them.

This was/is their choice. They could have had the same privilege.  But, alas, they prefer instead their own aggrandizement. They prefer monuments built with their names engraven on them. There is no message of truth and hope coming from them. Their words (the only things which really endure), will fall to the ground unfulfilled.  They will not be remembered.  They will return without a saved soul.

What stunning doctrines we have stumbled upon here!  I’m getting worried about things as I look about. This Book of Mormon is alarming…

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  1. Does Lucifer have power? if so, can he use that power to deceive? Can he give his power to others?

    Can Lucifer (or his agents) provide “signs” or demonstrations so people may know he/they come with power?

    Does light and glory accompany real heavenly priesthood power?

    Must there be a physical contact (eg laying on of hands) to authorize/transmit heavenly priesthood power to worthy individuals? “The manner” after which they were ordained into the holy order of the priesthood in verse 3 is not yet clear to me.

  2. Here’s my opinion on your questions: Lucifer definitely has power, and the power he has to bruise our heels is great — but not as great as our power to crush his head. He has always shown forth signs and wonders. Pharaoh’s priests had their staffs turning into snakes also, but Moses’s snake ate up their snakes. We also know that Satan can appear as an angel of light, so he can appear to have light and glory. Can he use his power to deceive? That’s what he’s doing 24/7, and he’s very good at it, and so are those who follow him. Those who follow(ed) him were the first that he was successful at deceiving — a third part of the hosts of heaven, which I personally don’t believe means 1/3. There’s a big difference between a third part and 1/3. A third part could be 3/4 of the hosts of heaven or 1/100. We’ve never been told. We just know from this that there are two other parts. Those who followed Christ and came to earth and yet another part. Joseph Smith commented on this.

  3. Many are called, but few are chosen….does that mean that there were many called in the premortal world, but when they got here their character flaws have prevented them from becoming “chosen”? If they recognize their error and repent, then can they then become chosen?

  4. Annonymous- perhaps what you’re wondering the same thing I am: Does that make me an Abraham or a Pharaoh, or something else? If it’s already been determined in the preexistence, then wouldn’t I know by now if I was one of those “called?” Or is that something I need to choose now (to become “chosen”)?

    Kisi- I have thought the exact same thing about the “third part.” Perhaps it consisted of 1. Those who followed Lucifer 2. The foreordained priests spoken of here and 3. Everyone else (those whose hearts were hardened and minds were blind).


  5. Doug, Your idea is a real possibility. A possibility that I have considered is this:
    1) Those who followed Christ and came to earth
    2) Those who followed Lucifer
    3) Those who followed Christ but chose to remain in the pre-mortal world rather than take the risks associated with coming to earth. Joseph Smith said that these people are the cherubim and seraphim. I wish I could find the reference on this. Sorry.

  6. This has gotten very interesting. I’m reading in the “Words of joseph Smith,” from August 27, 1843. it states, “The mystery power and glory of the priesthood is so great and glorious that the angels desired to understand it and cannot: why, because of the tradition of them and their fathers in setting up stakes and not coming up to the mark in their probationary state.”

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