Alma 13:26

“And it shall be made known unto just and holy men, by the mouth of angels, at the time of his coming, that the words of our fathers may be fulfilled, according to that which they have spoken concerning him, which was according to the spirit of prophecy which was in them.”

Here is a simple, but compound thought. Alma is saying this:
There were “fathers” who recorded words of prophecy.
The “fathers” had the “spirit of prophecy which was in them.”

These words of the prophetic fathers promised that “the mouths of angels” will declare Christ’s birth into the world.
The declaration of Christ’s birth will come to “just and holy men” by these angels.
So, Alma is assured that the promises will be fulfilled.He knows this because the fathers who revealed the promises were trustworthy and had the spirit of prophecy.
Now comes the real question: What does it mean that “just and holy men” will be the ones to whom the angels will come and make the declaration?

Is this a description of those who hold the same priesthood as Melchizedek discussed by Alma?  If so, then does access to that priestly order after the order of the Son of God put the possessors into contact with heavenly messengers? Can a person hold that authority and not receive messages from angels from time to time? Who is it among us who begins an address by referring to the angel who visited the them the preceding night?  (See, e.g., 2 Ne. 10: 3; also 3 Ne. 7: 15.)

I have to assume that this is the kind of information that would be generally known among faithful followers of Christ’s Gospel.  After all, Alma is speaking to apostates, non-believers and critics who hold a false and abominable religion. One would expect that such things are not really so sacred that they can’t be preached. Why would it be “off limits” to us and be something freely declared as part of a missionary effort in the Book of Mormon?  So assuming it ought to be known, if it is occurring, is this among us? Where? Who has received these angelic messengers? Where are these “just and holy” men who entertain angelic ministers?
Or is it that we don’t expect angels, so we don’t entertain them? Perhaps they come and we don’t notice them? Perhaps we are blind that we cannot see, deaf because we will not hear, and our minds are darkened because we will not abide the teachings of the Book of Mormon? What is going on with us, when we compare and measure ourselves against this message from Alma?

Should I be concerned?
Is all well?
Will we endure sound doctrine?  (Cf. 2 Tim. 4: 3.)

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  1. Denver,
    I have not Physically seen a Angel yet, but we( my wife Jennifer and I) have Known we were communicating with Angels on the other side of the veil.
    I particularly feel several close family members near me when I am doing Family History/Temple work for my ancestors. They are getting closer and easier to hear as I pay attention to them. It was also made clear to me that several Ancestors were integral in helping Jen and I the day we met.
    We also have had Several experiences where they made it clear to us they were happy their temple work was being done. When I did the work of my Great-Grand Father Frank, he and Great-Grandma poured their Love out to both of us. When we went into the Celestial Room (SL Temple) It physically and Spiritually was tangible, and I know my Body and Spirit are better off for doing their work.
    It’s not the “seeing Angels” yet, but I feel that it is part of the process of coming unto Christ and learning to recognize Messengers from both sides of the veil, and responding to them. Family, of course will likely be the first Voices and Angels to entertain and be concerned about us.

    One other precious Sacred Experience I was touched by, happened one day as I came out of the Bountiful Temple. I felt a like walking over to an outside Glass stairwell. AS I approached I saw that there was a panicked bird (A type of Finch) caught and desperately flying around in this enclosed Glass Stairwell, unable to escape. I felt the Spirit of the Lord Tell me I could communicate with this tiny birds Intelligence/Spirit and help this poor trapped creature (This impression went along with some prayers and study I had been pondering on. It reminded me of Peter wanting to walk on Water.
    I felt this wonderful prompting guide me in talking to this bird. It quit hard to describe, but I was able to speak to the birds little spirit and calm it down. I asked the bird to land–through the spirit, and it did! I felt the the bird was going to die if it did not calm down, as I could feel fear and panic, and knew it was close to getting to over-worked and dying. I was guided to tell it to breath and be calm, and then told it I needed to carry it outside so I could free it from the glass terrarium. I carried the calmed little bird about 50 feet from the enclosure to freedom. I felt that Agency was active in this encounter (A bird has a smaller less intelligent spirit, but it listens/honors the request if approached in love). When I asked it to come into my hand, it did. The tiny little bird sat on top of my hand(could have flown away at anytime and still been stuck). I keenly felt the need to go forward in Faith, and trust the wild bird not to fly away before we were clear of the enclosure.
    Long story short we walked out together. I set it down and talked to it, spirit to spirit. Eventually I felt it was time to go and expressed this to them, and my little friend gratefully flew away.
    I realized the Lord loves even a tiny finch, and had prepared me with the knowledge and Faith to heed its dire need, and to my spiritual needs as well.

    Angels, Have not seen them yet(knowingly), but they are all around if you want to feel them.

    Thanks for letting me share.

  2. What a fantastic post and comment. Thanks for sharing Brian.

    I have had very similar experiences with feelings angles and almost seeing them afar off in my minds eye, but it’s like I don’t know how to receive them, or wonder if just my desire and wonder if I’m playing tricks on myself.

    Brian, it occurred to me that you were an administering angel to the bird.

  3. Please… I do not mean offense to anyone. I’m throwing this out there– I could possibly (probably??) be the one who’s way off here.

    I don’t see how being of service to someone equates to our being angels. Even the most delicious and best-timed casserole does not seem to lift someone to the status of angel… although I’ve said myself upon receiving such, “You are an angel.” Or, “You are a God-send.” I felt like they were compliments – a sincere apology for their service. I didn’t feel at that moment that I was looking on an angel in the sense that this verse speaks of it.j

    Likewise, I don’t consider myself an angel when they return these compliments to me.

    Aren’t we getting a little hokey here? When he says “angel” doesn’t he mean “angel”? Do we need to make excuses for all the different ways we might be fulfilling this verse — when we’re truly not?

    Bless all of you for your comments… I mean no disrespect whatsoever.

    -A fellow-traveler

  4. And the office of their (angels) ministry is to call men unto repentance, and to fulfill and to do the work of the covenants of the Father, which he hath made unto the children of men…
    (Moroni 7:31)
    If you in your efforts to bless your brothers & sisters are doing the work of the angels, are you not functioning, in a very real sense, as an angel yourself?

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