Stopped shaving a few weeks ago, except for the neck.  Now I’ve got a bit of face hair, which feels like spiders are crawling all over my face.  I took a poll, figuring I’d get a vote to return to the orthodox visage.  To my surprise all the kids said “keep it.”  Even my wife says to leave it for a while.  So I’m going to keep the spiders for a while.
I’ve done this before, back when I made the annual trip to Sturgis.  I know that eventually there isn’t any feeling to a beard.  In fact, when you shave it off then you can feel the air movement on your face and that’s quite weird for a few days.  But I haven’t been to Sturgis for about 5 years or more, and so I hadn’t grown a beard for that long.
As an aside, when you go to Sturgis you ought to look the part.  The “brethren” there expect some effort to blend in.  Consequently, I have managed a fairly true ‘scooter-trash’ look when I make the effort.
As long as I have the chin-hair I need to dust off the Harley, get it inspected and licensed, and start riding again this summer.  It is, of course, the answer to the question: “WWJD?”  (What would Jesus drive?)  It’s environmentally friendly, leaves a small carbon footprint, quick, high-mileage, ….fun as hell, and pretty badass, too.  All the ingredients needed for transcendental transportation.
Steppenwolf sang the theme song to it all:

Get your motor runnin’

Head out on the highway;
look’in for adventure
and whatever comes our way……
I like smoke and lightning
Heavy metal thunder
Racin’ with the wind
And the feelin’ that I’m under…..
It’s a biker thing.  Can’t be explained.  Can be shared, though.  You start with face hair;  … then let it take you to its logical extreme.
Hmmmm……no wonder missionaries are clean-shaven.

17 thoughts on “WWJD

  1. Oh, my gosh that was awesome.

    I’m so glad I won’t have to stop saying badass after my audience with Christ.

    Sturgis rocks!! Love Mt. Rushmore too.

  2. This is the first time I ever understood this song! Thanks for the enlightenment! Obviously I am not a biker :) Fun to see the humanness under all your amazing spirituality!

  3. My wife put that YouTube link in. I liked it. She’s gifted that way…

    That takes me back to when I was in High School. I was in a garage band that used to play that tune. I can still remember the drum bit. Was just playing it on the office desk while I listened.

  4. I like my little honda scooter. I call it my pigglet. I keep a beard as long as I can… unfortunately I have to shave it each term I teach a math class at BYU…. which I’ve never really understood the beard policy at BYU… just obeyed and went on with life…. I’ll grow it back after the summer term is over.

  5. I’ve been surprised at how long I’ve played drums. When I came to BYU playing drums in a band was supposed to be just a source of income to help get us through college (which it did). When I became a school teacher it was supposed to be just a supplement to my salary (which it was)….. Now in my late 50’s I’m surprised that I still play…. and I must have played “Born to Be Wild” a bazillion times. 3 or 4 times would have been fine. I also now cringe every time I hear “Sweet Home Alabama.”

  6. I think Denver just does/says stuff like that occasionally to remind us that under his brilliance and perfect knowledge he is still, after all, not the One we should be worshipping :) love ya Denver

  7. BTW: The term “heavy metal” comes from the lyrics I quoted above. Steppenwolf coined the term in this song, and it became applied to an entire genre of music thereafter. So in Trivial Pursuit you now have an answer to the question: “Who coined the term ‘heavy metal’?”

  8. Oh, yeah; “am I serious?” Well, I own a Harley. I’ve been to Sturgis 7 years. “Born to be Wild” is an adopted theme song for bikers. Even got used in the soundtrack for “Easy Rider.”

    I suppose it’s the question “WWJD” that you’re actually asking then. Lemme think… Since He went out of His way to be common, to fit in among the least, to be welcomed among the taxpayers, the harlots and the sinners, I suppose I am serious. In our day that means He would fit in among the tatooed, the pierced, the promiscuous, the drug-addicted and the outcast. So why wouldn’t He drive a Harley? I am certain He wouldn’t be driving a Toyota Avalon, if that’s what you’re asking.

  9. Damn!! Snuffer don’t you know anything?? A white shirt with “CONSERVATIVE” neck tie, missionary hair cut and clean shaven is the only way Jesus would dress!! As to WWJD, well we all know the only thing Jesus would ever drive is a proper american made SUV! The bigger the better!

    Great post I loved it! :)


  10. In the 2nd Comforter, I remember the Harley part/Sturgis w your son. My question is:
    What about some Priesthood holders that own Vespas? Does that make us Sadduces? *%%@!

  11. I’m SO happy to hear you say “bad ass” and “hell.” :0)

    And I have been pushing my wife for a moto bike I’m thinking this is the year she relents!

  12. <<>>

    Sounds perfectly logical to me, however, what is your advise for the female-participants of ths rolling brotherhood??? Fake beard? Tatooed beared? Facial hair transplant?…..my mind is reeling with the possibilites.

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