Creation Accounts

All ancient accounts of the creation of life here came through a presentation intended either as an initiation or an ordinance.  The various accounts we have are also from such settings.  Genesis is the ritual account given through Moses.  The words “God said” should better be rendered “the Gods shall say” (meaning that this is telling the players what to do).  Similarly, the Abraham account saying that one “like unto the Son” or “like unto God” is describing the player’s role.  It is a dramatic presentation.
There is no need to read into any of the various texts something which isn’t there.  Hence the earlier post dealing with the creation accounts and how Eve was left out of the original statement of the commandment regarding the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  The account sets it out with the commandment coming before Eve’s creation in all but the current Endowment presentation.  Our version has been changed from time to time to accomplish various efficiencies as we have adopted filming, and other innovations to make the Endowment fit within new formats and time constraints.

One thought on “Creation Accounts

  1. My dad is a ordinance worker at the Salt Lake Temple, he told me just today that he recently has been assigned the part of lucifer. He said he enjoyed the acting and drama. A few minutes after our conversation I read this post about the creation accounts. It dawned on me that the live endomwment session can be very helpful when looked at in the way this post talks about. (at least thats what I get from it) I have new respect for the helpfullness of a live endowment session. Maybe it’s even more so for the ordinance workers. Would you agree Denver?

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