Stake Conference

Stake Conference weekend!  That means that I’ll be helping to minimize the crowds in the parking lot at the Stake Center by leaving my car at home.  I’ll also help out with the crowded seating problems at the Stake Center by leaving some seats open.  I know it is a sacrifice to do this, but it’s one I’m willing to make. 

It’s the equinox.  I’m going to do something memorable. 

5 thoughts on “Stake Conference

  1. I’m behind on reading some of your blogs, so maybe I’m missing something. Are you saying you’re skipping stake conference to do something memorable for the spring equinox? I just didn’t understand. Thanks.

  2. Devner,I take it you don’t get much from Stake Conference. As for myself, I don’t get much from a particular teacher’s Gospel Doctrine Class – except angst and anguish! It’s ususally a power-point relaying dates, places and events with nothing ‘applying the scriptures’ to our day etc, with a little blasphemous humor interspersed. My spouse thinks I should attend because maybe a comment I have will benefit others. I didn’t know attending a ‘church meeting’ was supposed to fill you with such agony!

    You talk often about choosing our teachers carefully. How do you handle that? When I go I usually try to just discreetly study on my own. Ideas?

    (We just had Stake Conf, btw. It was wonderful!)

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