Patriarch Smith

The Patriarch of the Church is Eldred G. Smith, now aged 103 years.  His office used to ordain the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints using the hereditary priesthood line running back to Father Smith, Joseph and Hyrum.  
Eldred G. Smith was made Emeritus in 1979, but continues to have an office in the Church Office Building.

3 thoughts on “Patriarch Smith

  1. It has always confused me why Eldred G. Smith was given emeritus status in Oct. 1979. When the announcement was made in conference, I was left scratching my head and wondering.

    Today, I started reading “Lost Legacy–The Mormon Office of Presiding Patriarch” by Irene Bates and Gary Smith.

    I hope it helps me better understand…. I can’t help but feel this story is not finished.

  2. For an interesting insight…I suggest the following web link posted by Brother Bruce Porter. His methodology in explaining such topics is truly eye opening. Please read the entire article to the end, because in the remaining paragraphs, the explanation for Eldred Smith’s office of Patriarch is revealed.

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