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This came to me through an email and I thought I should address it here.  This is the email I received:
“I got information through the grapevine about a woman who is claiming that Denver ordained her to do something and that he put his hands on her head and set her apart for some type of work.  I don’t know all the details, but I was not happy when I heard that.  I know that he wouldn’t do that but thought that Denver should know that this woman is going around telling people this.”
I thought I would put it on the blog and explain.
First, I don’t have any idea what woman this is referring to; nor for that matter who wrote the information in the email. It was just forwarded to me, and I was given permission by the one who forwarded it to use it on the blog.
Second, I’ve not “ordained” a woman to do anything.  Nor do I intend to “ordain” a woman to do anything. 
Third, I have given blessings to my wife, daughters, home teaching assignments who are sisters, and other women who have asked from time to time, just as others do who hold priesthood and are asked to give a blessing.  That has never involved “ordaining” a woman to some assignment or work.
Finally, the only women I have “set apart” for an assignment was done while I served in a Bishopric at BYU, or while serving on the High Council.  Apart from that I haven’t “set apart” any woman.  I’ve done numerous “setting apart” assignments in Elder’s Quorums, and other assignments, but those were men.

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  1. You know what, I’m seriously wondering if you gave a very spiritually inspired blessing where the Lord told the woman a piece of her future missions in life, and she told that… then someone else got it and they told a bigger story…

    Then someone else heard it and… on and on… each passed a bigger story. Now a gia-normous and completely ridculous mormon urban legend has formed…

    …And you now have become a “false prophet with Mickey Mouse ears that hone into the universe, whom gave a blessing to a woman whom had birthed an alien baby, and ordained her to be the Countess De Winter.

    I think I read about it in the Enquirer. ;) Just kidding.

  2. Wow, I’m sorry that you are experiencing this kind of nuttiness. I don’t think it’s possible to escape things like this coming at you though, unless you hide in a closet and never serve the Lord. Satan would love to drive you and all others who serve the Lord away by making them sorry they ever showed up in public or dealt with people. As we all know, good is always met by opposition.

  3. I’m sorry that someone is talking about you and lying in this way. It makes me sad that someone would use you like this. I hope it all blows over quickly.

  4. After thinking about this situation, I would like to change my comment and post something on a more serious note:

    It bothers me how every time, a person that is doing good in the world. drawing people unto Christ, immediately becomes attacked.

    Isn’t it interesting that when a person begins to do the work of the Lord, the adversary reaches as far as he can to discredit them… to slander them… to make them appear as false or evil.

    2 Nephi 15:20:
    “Wo unto them that call evil good and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

    I do not know Snuffer personally, but I can tell you that he is a man with a firm foundation in righteousness…

    It is “by their fruits ye shall know them.”(Matt. 7:20)
    …and through the witnesses of the Spirit concerning them.

    Snuffer’s fruits are good. Need I say more.

  5. I feel equally sorry for the woman who is so insecure that she has to rely on someone else’s credentials to make herself look better to others. Regardless of how this spiraled out of control, ultimately the woman chose to share a sacred experience (a priesthood blessing) with or without embellishments. The responsibility rests on her, in my opinion. One can point fingers at others who “gossiped about it” but ultimately the woman chose to share an experience, however accurate or not it may have been, to “swine”.

    Learning to keep sacred things sacred, and being humble, would have solved this entire situation. It was unnecessary and unfortunate.

    Denver, your actions speak louder than another’s words. Thank you for your example.

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