Accuser of our brethren

There is really no reason to complain about the church.  That is a role I would never want to assume.  Satan’s title is “the accuser of our brethren” (Rev. 12: 10).  Of what does he accuse them?  The answer is of all their natural failings, mistakes, shortcomings and errors.  We are all ample examples of such shortcomings.  No matter how good a life we may lead, we all fall short.  The answer to this problem is not to accuse others but to forgive them.  We cloak others in a robe of charity, and we in turn merit charity.
This is why Christ requires us to forgive all others.  We get forgiveness as we give forgiveness to others.  There is an extensive discussion of this in Come, Let Us Adore Him.  It is true doctrine.
I think avoiding the role of “accuser” and filling the role of patient forbearance with others’ shortcomings is the only wise course in life.

3 thoughts on “Accuser of our brethren

  1. I think alot of people will find themselves stuck in the hereafter, because they forgot to forgive in this life. I think the person who is quickest to forgive and actually pray for his enemy to see the Light, wins.

    Christ forgave Judas having a foreknowledge Judas was going to take him out. Joseph forgave his accusers the same way Higbees, Laws et al.

    This will be a prerequisite to any advancement in the hereafter I think.

  2. While I completely agree that we should look for the good in our leaders and forgive their imperfections, the trust we are expected to have in our leaders and their decisions, does not mean we should blindly follow them no matter what their personal actions are. At what point does a leader’s personal behavior effect the decisons he is making and the counsel he ia giving in his church calling?

    I have a friend whose now deceased grandfather was a stake patriarch at the same time he was having an affair with his secretary. Other stake presidents and bishops have been convicted of sexual abuse and are now serving prison terms.

    At what point do we just forgive them and move on with our lives and when do we start to question their leadership decisions and counsel? One could argue that the patriarch’s previously mentioned affair was affecting the blessings he was giving. If I were someone who recieved a patriarchaical blessing under his hand while he was having an affair, could I expect to get another more inspired blessing from another patriarch?
    The whole idea of trusting in a man to give you messages from God seems to be full of pitfalls. When does a leader’s personal actions affect the inspiration he is receiving? None of us can acurately judge when he is and when he isn’t. Thats the dilemma.

  3. Stake Presidents are required to regularly read the Patriarchal Blessings given in their stake.

    I sustain leaders, period. I let the Lord decide when and how to remove them. If I think they are unworthy, I make it a matter of prayer and take it up with the Lord. Until He removes them, I bear with, sustain and support them.

    That does NOT mean I trust in their inspiration. Unless I have an independent confirmation, I trust no man. Salvation is too important to trust in any arm of flesh.

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