Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day.  Although I’m hundreds of miles away, my thoughts are with my wife. David and Solomon clearly never found a wife to be their equal, helpmeet, love and joy. I pity them. I have she who completes me; my queen and high priestess, love and companion, wise counselor and faithful friend. She is the standard against which all other women are measured, and all others found to be wanting. She is home.

I have yet to see a marriage I think the equal of my own.

The final parable in Ten Parables begins deliberately. I hope readers realize how important that discussion is to the way things really are.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Wonderful to hear of someone who truly loves & revears their wife for who she really is.

    If we aren’t experiencing the “Exaltant Ecstasy” in our marriage that Pres. Hinckley said was possible in this life with our spouse, it is our own fault. Being madly in love is just a choice, no matter what our spouse does.

    True Unconditional Everlasting Love is so rare but there are still a few who choose to have it & thus protect their marriage & family from disintegration.

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