Second Anointing

I’ve gotten numerous questions this last week on the subject of the “second anointing” or “second sealing.” This is not a subject which I think invites a lot of open discussion. I’ve intentionally avoided it in my books.

Here’s what I think is appropriate to explain:The Second Comforter: Conversing with the Lord Through the Veil is an explanation of what is required to get to the point you are prepared to meet the Lord. It is essentially a manual. It stops short of explaining what the Lord, in His on-going ministry to mankind, will do to prepare the individual for what comes next. That is His ministry. The Holy Ghost brings you to the Lord. The Lord brings you to the Father. That book was written to help you come to Him.

Beloved Enos is an explanation of what the results are, once someone has received the Lord’s ministry. It takes Enos’ record and uses it as a basis for the explanation.

Between the text of The Second Comforter and Beloved Enos, what is omitted is a description of the sacred ordinances involved in what is termed “the second anointing.” I do not feel inclined to go into that.

2 thoughts on “Second Anointing

  1. Hi Denver, can you at least answer the following with propriety in connection to the Second Anointing topic? Do we still depend upon the Church to administer something beyond the present day endowments, or have they incorporated all of the ordinances in the temple ceremonies (commonly experienced) along with a faith clause? Has a practical policy change been made because of the worldwide expansion that puts the burden of discipleship on the members, who can unlock ministrations of angels and the Second Comforter without more ordinances? Or, must we first go through a stage of trust in the Lord’s servants that they will prophetically find each individual worthy?

  2. I personally have come to the point where I feel that Calling and Election and Second Comforter are the important things to strive for and leave it to the Lord to inspire his servants to give you the second anointing if he ever chooses to. I don’t think that second anointing in mortality is necessarily what we should worry about. Some of this is under our control in striving to make our own calling and election sure, and asking the Lord for an audience. Whether second anointing will ever be offered to us in mortality is frankly out of our own personal control, and should not be worried about.

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