New York Conference

This coming weekend in New York there will be a conference. It is referred to as the Remnant Eclipse Conference and the schedule is linked here: Eclipse Conference Schedule

I will speak on Sunday in a follow-up talk from seven years ago. That first talk was titled The Holy Order and this coming conference talk will be titled The Holy Order, Part 2.

The subject of The Holy Order is probably unfamiliar to many Mormons in all the various Latter-day churches. It is completely unknown to all the traditional Christian denominations, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant. The earlier talk began unraveling the topic, and this follow-up will take the topic further. The Holy Order is certainly obscure, although it has been and remains quite important to God’s plan. It was here at the beginning and must return at the end. Joseph Smith’s comments about Adam-ondi-Ahman only make sense in the context of the return of The Holy Order. But Joseph was never able to provide a full explanation, and so these talks are intended to fill in missing parts of the picture.

Following the conference the paper (The Holy Order, Part 2) will be put up as a downloadable pdf document on this website.