Questions about women’s council

There must be something afoot, because I’ve received questions about procedures involving women’s councils from multiple people. I don’t think we need anything more to guide a council than what we’ve already received.

I think that unanimous means that, and any decision will require unanimity. I also think that if a council is convened it requires 12. If there are more than 12 and they are considered “alternates” then I think that has to be made clear at the outset. It must be made clear at the start that there are only 12, and anyone else is an alternate who will only participate in the event that someone drops out. If that is not clarified at the outset, then I think the council includes everyone who participates, and will still require unanimity.

It is hard to get unanimity. I think that is for a reason. It substitutes for a burden of proof, meaning that to get everyone in agreement would (should) require something like clear and convincing proof.

I think that the assignment to women to hold councils is an interesting way for the Lord to let women see some of the difficulties in sorting out problems in a peaceful community. It gives the women a view into things that other religious societies exclude them from witnessing. That seems to serve a wise purpose in the Lord.

All of this is set out in our scriptures. I should also reference the material we received on August 8, 2022 (Answer on Forgiveness). I don’t think we need anything more to guide us.