Returning to Sunstone

I will be returning to the 2023 Sunstone Symposium. This year’s Symposium is addressing the topic: “[Main] Streaming Mormonism” I will present a talk titled: Main Stream: A “Fountain of Filthy Water”

The event will begin on Thursday, July 27 and the current schedule has my talk set for Saturday, July 29th beginning at 4:25 pm. My talk is described as follows: “Nephi’s vision of the tree of life included a river fed by a ‘fountain of filthy water.’ Throughout the Book of Mormon the quest for popularity is condemned. The values of the mainstream are assumed to be opposed to godliness. The LDS gravitation toward popularity has increasingly come at the price of abandoning Joseph Smith’s original. This presentation will contrast those opposing directions.”

For anyone interested in attending, the link to the symposium schedule from their website is available here: 2023 Sunstone Symposium schedule

It will take place at the Southtown Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah, which has now been renamed “Mountain America Expo Center” located at 9575 South State Street in Sandy.

I hope to give an interesting talk.