A Fellow Feeling Futility

I got a question emailed me (though the website administrator) asking: “Is there any purpose in continuing to better yourself here in this temporal world? To continue becoming educated through college? Really, is there any purpose in pursuing goals, objectives, etc…?”

That presumes this life lacks purpose. We’re here to be “added upon” and every day there are new opportunities to add. We are eternal. Right now we’re in a place of constant change, filled with beauty and contradiction, challenging and rewarding, with truth and error competing alongside each other. You couldn’t get a better environment in which to detect foolishness parading as wisdom than in the modern American universities. Yes, of course go to college!

Live your life fully. Plan, prepare, work, get educated, have a family. Don’t abandon life’s richest experiences because you are afraid of shadows.

Every moment of mortality is filled with the chance to see wonder through the eyes of a child–and you know unless you repent and “become as a little child you shall not see the kingdom of Heaven.” If your eye sees only darkness, then how great that darkness becomes. But when you think about Christ’s observation that the wasting countryside was adorned by wildflowers and that was more splendid than “Solomon in all his glory” then why not accept the challenge? Do as Christ did: See the beauty here. Why not look at the contrast between light and shadow, the constant changing clouds overhead forming new, intricate patterns continually, the lights of the firmament in the night sky, the seasons changing, –why not look at it all as a great wonder. God is the artist. This world is His (Their) canvas.

The question asked above reflects the triumph of pessimism, and the now-socially imposed acceptance of futility. Nothing is futile. Especially about you. You can change your world by changing your view. Smile. Laugh. There’s plenty to laugh about in this estate.

Every emperor you will ever behold in this world has no clothes. Fools rule, teach, interpret history, and insist you accept their foolishness as truth. Stop doing that.

You should figure out how to enjoy your time here. It is wonderful! With all the problems, injuries, set-backs, disappointments and failures there is invariably something gained. Accept that and be contented with these opportunities, they are all a gift from God.

On another subject: next Sunday, a week from now, I’ll be speaking at the Layton Conference. At 1:30 at the Davis County Conference Center I’ll talk and, time permitting, will answer a few questions. On Saturday there’s going to be some presentations throughout the day, and my wife will be one of the presenters. The conference is linked here: Spring 2023 Conference.