John Hall

On March 14th John Hall died after a brief illness. His funeral was today. Given John’s abiding interest in, affection for, and research into ancient Egypt, I composed a poem as my tribute to him. It is now available as a download here: Arcadia

I knew John for many years and will miss him as a dear friend. He died on the 14th, and two other friends died that same week. I lost three friends in four days, and have spent this week attending funerals. But I also got to attend a wedding this week. Still, all in all I hope not to have another week like this again.

If the poem “Arcadia” contains things that puzzle you, then you ought to see whether you can search them out and make sense of it. The Egyptian religion, so far as we can reconstruct it at this late date, was filled with symbols and figures that represented ideas, doctrines, principles and truths. They were not so ignorant as to think these symbols were real beasts or hybrids, but used pictographic representations to communicate ideas.

The Jews were influenced by Egypt, so much so that many of the Psalms are actually found as earlier compositions in Egypt. Moses was raised in Egypt, the Book of Mormon was written in Reformed Egyptian, and the Book of Abraham has Egyptian facsimiles. Therefore I concluded it altogether appropriate to use Egyptian symbology to honor the late Dr. John Franklin Hall III.