Spring Conference

The organizers of a conference in the Spring have asked me to put up an announcement about coming event:

Spring Conference 2023
The Answer to Prayer for Covenant as an assignment from the Lord: Love One Another as I Have Loved You

May 20-21, 2023
Davis Conference Center
Layton Utah

September 3, 2017 the Lord our God condescended to speak to a people, offering a covenant between Him and them. He required words be read to the people by His Servant. Those words, now among the scriptures approved and accepted by the Lord and the people, constitute assignment, instructions, and revelation from our God for all who wish to be His to follow.

His words in The Answer to Prayer for Covenant (T&C 157) establish as a primary assignment, “Love one another as I have loved you.” He has given us a task and assignment to join our hearts, to be one with Him and with one another.

In order to honor Him, and to show respect and gratitude to Him for His kindness and mercy in condescending to speak to us, a conference will be held May 20-21, 2023 at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah. The conference organizers hope to bring the body together to try to learn together, discuss together, and understand more of the will of our Lord from the words He has given us. We hope to make an offering of ourselves together as a body to our Lord, asking together that He teach us, and be our guide.