Ordinance Question

I got this question in an email about the recorded language from when the covenant was presented in Boise, Idaho in 2017. I paraphrase the question below:

“Today we noticed that the scriptures say, ‘I will teach you things that have been hidden from the foundation of the world and your understanding will reach unto Heaven.’ while you in the recording of the covenant when it was presented in 2017 said, ‘I will teach you things which have been [kept] hidden…’ This raises the question of whether this changes the ordinance?”

Rather than give my answer to the question, I inquired of the Lord and got the following response: “When the king sends a messenger to deliver his letter, and the messenger delivers the message by reading it with a stammering tongue, but hands the letter to the recipient, then the letter can be read, and the messenger has been faithful to his king. The letter stands as the king’s word, and the messenger has done his part.”