August 20th Talk

I will be in Hildale, Utah on the 20th of this month to address the subject of Plural Wives again. It is not a subject I enjoy discussing, but this will be an attempt to at least open the door for those of that outcast community to understand why I disagree with the practice. I’m hoping those who live in the isolated confines of practicing an illegal form of marriage will be willing to at least listen to the talk. I am not coming to re-injure old wounds, but to explain how I have reached a contrary conclusion.

Both sides should stop fearing a discussion across the divide. I’m not coming to condemn or judge, but to explain my views and why I hold them. It is free to the public and will be held at the Holm Heritage Center, 1065 N. Carling Street, Hildale, UT 84784. I hope members of the various factions will accept the invitation to attend. I’m not going to ask you to join an organization, donate, or purchase anything. I’m just asking for some of your time to listen. I hope to say something of value.