Abusing Children

Sexual abuse of children leaves mental distress that can last a lifetime. A mental health counselor told me that the overwhelming majority of those he helped who were institutionalized with serious mental disorders had been abused as children.

Normal sexual development does not involve introducing the idea of choosing sexuality before puberty, and then behaving in ways that disconnect you from your biology.

One of the gravest of abuses underway at present is called “gender affirming surgery” which consists of mutilating the body of the victim.

Far from ‘preventing suicide’ these radical and unwise abuses do nothing to relieve the underlying contradictions suffered by those who reject their own biology. The more this mental disorder is accepted and encouraged, the more people will find themselves unable to find peace living a lie.

There are two sexes, and we all belong to one or the other. That is true all the way from the surface formation of the body to the individual cells of every organ in the body. No matter how you think, what you believe, or how many lies are shouted and celebrated, every one of us are either male or female.

If you choose to live a lie, you will struggle to accommodate that lie. Suicides have not decreased because of the celebration of sexual confusion and dysphoria, but have increased. That is because there is an evil force afoot in the world that seeks the death and misery of all mankind. One of the most successful great evils of our day is the propagation of sexual confusion, and indoctrinating little children into that confusion at an early age.

It is impossible to make a lie the truth. And it is impossible to live a lie and be at peace.

Popular acceptance of a lie cannot make it true.

Advocating and repeating a lie cannot make it true.

Living a lie does not make it true.

We can find joy in this life, but doing so requires us to conform to a pattern ordained by God. That means to be joyful and at peace we must necessarily find the truth and live it.