There is a new book that does a side-by-side comparison of the KJV Gospel of John with the newly revealed Testimony of St. John. The book is available on Amazon and linked here: The Testimony of St. John: A newly revealed account of John the Beloved’s Testimony of Jesus the Messiah. Includes a side-by-side comparison with the King James Version for enhanced study.

I got an email asking this:

What is the temple for that you’re raising money for? Like the biblical temple was an assembly place and a place of liturgical repentance. The Kirtland temple seems to be an assembly hall mainly. The Nauvoo and latter temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints were, as you know, places of liturgical worship. Mainly ordinances for the dead and some living. Community of Christ’s temple seems to be similar to a cathedral. Daily worship. Contemplation. But they didn’t really know what to do with it. What would be the purpose of the temple and uses?

I gave this answer:

The Temple facility will be for the following:
Festivals and Conferences.
Ordinances and rites some for the living and some for the worthy dead (certainly not any deceased person whose name is learned).
Instructions and classes, and a library for collecting sacred works from all over the world.
A place for study and contemplation.
And singing/worship services.
Part of the facility will be limited in who will be allowed to enter or participate, and part will be open to the public.
The overall purpose will be to complete the restoration process and return sacred knowledge to the living so they can understand the original endowment of knowledge possessed by Adam and Enoch in the beginning, later restored through Abraham–but which has been lost to mankind because of apostasy. That restoration includes endowing those who are prepared to have knowledge that stretches into the heavens, and into the darkest abyss, from eternity to eternity, so that the purposes of the Almighty in this creation can be understood. This results in the exclamation that no one will need to say “know ye the Lord” because those who have learned God’s great purposes and plans will understand the Almighty. And the final accomplishment of it all is to redeem mankind from the Fall so that they can enter into His presence as a Member of the Household of God.
It will also conform to certain alignments which God intended for men to understand, but which have fallen into disuse and neglect.
It will require men to forsake foolish traditions and superstitions, and to replace them with knowledge of Heaven and earth, and the Creator who ordained it all.
In short, it will be a “University” in the sense that word actually conveys, and not in the sense that institutions in this world make use of it.


There is an upcoming Conference in Kentucky on March 25-27 titled: Hear and Trust the Lord in the Storm. The Lexington Kentucky Conference Organizing Committee asked me to put this notice up:

There are only a few rooms available on site. The deadline to book a room or sign up for meals is March 4th. The website for the Kentucky Conference is www.trustthelordinthestorm.info.

Matt Lohmeier, Vern and Whitney Horning and Denver Snuffer speak Saturday. Denver’s Saturday talk title is Christianity is Alive and Well: Christ is Actively Preparing To Return. He and others will be speaking Sunday as well.

For more Conference details, please visit the Conference website linked above.

We hope to see many of you there.

Lexington Kentucky Conference committee