Answers to 4 Questions

I got the following questions and provided the following answers:

1) What exactly is the relationship between Roger Williams, Alexander Campbell, Joseph Smith and Denver Snuffer?

Roger Williams saw the need for a restoration of Christianity, rather than just a reformation.
Alexander Campbell thought it possible to return to Primitive Christianity rather than just continuing the Protestant tradition.
Joseph Smith testified that Jesus Christ called upon him to renew Christianity through a restoration directed by Heaven with all the authority and gifts of the original established by Christ.
I claim to be working to reinvigorate the work Joseph Smith commenced, and to be continuing the process so it will reach a completion. It did not get finished by Joseph Smith, and what he left behind has lapsed into disrepair. It needs to be reinvigorated, and then to be completed. I am working on accomplishing both.

2) I don’t understand what is meant by the translations of the Bible by Joseph Smith etc. as part of the three volumes of covenants in a way that is different from the traditional Mormon scriptures. Is the retranslated Book of Mormon considered part of second covenant, and the new works of 2017-2019 some kind of new third covenant?

Joseph Smith was asked by Christ to revise the King James Version of the Bible to add clarifications and restore omissions. He did that and it was not published by the LDS organization as part of their scriptures. In a revised publication by the LDS church in 1980, some of the Joseph Smith revisions and additions were added as footnotes to their scriptures. We have published the entire Joseph Smith revision of the Bible as our scriptures.
The Book of Mormon is considered part of the new covenant. It is not changed other than to conform it to the original translation by Joseph Smith. The process used is described in the Forward to the Book of Mormon in the new scriptures. I link to it here: Forward

3) At what point was it prophesied or predicted that the initial teachings of Joseph Smith would be corrupted, and the corruption would spread to the entire movement? How was it known the way that the Restoration would be “restored” in 2017-2019? And what is the distinction between the newer translations and the original old ones, and what difference do they make?

The work being done by Joseph Smith was condemned in 1832. That is linked here: T&C 82:20
The people were ultimately rejected by the Lord. That is linked here: T&C 141:11
An inspired prayer was offered to the Lord, who directed what the contents of the prayer were to include. That prayer rehearses the history of the restoration and its failure. That prayer is linked here: T&C 156

4)Finally, how does your Restoration movement address the issue of the authenticity and origin of the Book of Mormon, with all the alleged anachronisms, mistakes, contradictions, etc. related to the book, the gold plates, the Book of Abraham etc.??

Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon into the language of his time, using his own vocabulary and background. Every word of the translation required some adaptation of the text to make it fit into modern word usages and vocabulary. As is apparent in the current effort to re-translated the text back into Biblical Hebrew, there are some passages that are difficult in English, but fit comfortably into Biblical Hebrew. Then there are others that are difficult to adapt into the older language. The Book of Mormon was composed by those who spoke the form of Hebrew that existed at 600 bc, but who wrote in a more compact form of language borrowed from Egyptian. Whenever there is a translation there are necessary accommodations to make the text understandable in the new language. We accept Joseph Smith’s divinely inspired translation as a reliable text, teaching authentic truths about God and the work of God among ancient people. The closer the teachings are examined and understood, the closer the person abiding the Book of Mormon’s teachings will grow to God.
As for the Book of Abraham, here is a talk I gave on the text: The Religion of the Fathers