New Book

For five years work has been done to reach out to Christians and invite them to consider the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is underway. Much of that work has been put into a new book that is now available. A podcast is now up explaining the reason for the new book and is linked here: The Testimony of Jesus.

The book is in hardback only, and is now available through Amazon at this link: The Testimony of Jesus: Past, Present and Promise.

The book is intended to help Christians understand why there is a need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be restored. The tortured history of the Christian religion makes it impossible to think Christianity exists in a pure form in any of the organized denominations claiming to offer salvation today.

If God spoke in times past to inspire men who were moved upon by the Holy Ghost, then it makes sense that an unchangeable God would likewise speak again as we approach the return of His Son in glory. Prophecy and common sense tell us that God must do a work again upon the earth before the final judgement of the world takes place. God has sent messengers again. And His voice speaks to us, now.