Bret Corbridge’s Passing

We lost Bret Corbridge after his difficult struggle with pneumonia. He was a gentle soul, a man of strong convictions, a ready volunteer and an energetic and productive laborer in the cause of truth. He just finished a multi-volume draft of a collection summarizing teachings over nearly a decade. One of his last acts was to pass the draft along to me for review.

He leaves behind a devoted wife and children who will need our support and sympathy. I was able to speak with him several times before they put him on a ventilator and he was ready and willing to leave this earth. I encouraged him to stay, but certainly understand the sentiment he had about passing. The one thing holding him here was his devotion to his family and concern for them. In the end, his prognosis for being disabled and needing continuing care tipped the scale. He did not want to become a burden for anyone else, and in particular a burden for his family. He apparently concluded that it was his duty in caring for his family, to not become their burden. His passing was peaceful, but nevertheless heart-wrenching for those who loved the man.

Over the years I have had many visits from Bret. He was always a bundle of energy, and eager to do whatever was asked of him. He was passionate about serving the Lord, and we shall hardly find another of like temperament and commitment. Christ has welcomed a true friend and we have lost a faithful compatriot.

His passing should remind us all that we are frail, and will only be here for a short time. Even if we live a long life, we are here but for a moment. There is every reason to live nobly, choosing to obey the Lord and cherish His gospel, so we may depart this world with a life that testifies (as Bret’s life has) of our faith in the Lord.

A “GoFundMe” account has been set up. Here is a link: Bret Corbridge Funeral/Family Fund