Method not Madness

I’ve heard perplexed news reporters, commentators and politicians say that many of our national government’s decisions are inexplicably stupid. One new book attempts to explain the course the United States is taking. It is methodical and deliberate, not random and inadvertent. I read an advance copy of the book and can recommend it as a very good read.

The book is now available through a number of outlets. You can see how to order Irresistible Revolution HERE.

If the money supply outstrips the increase of goods and services then the value of money decreases. The growth of the money supply when the national output is either steady or declining will result in money having less value or inflation. Things will cost more.

The United States money supply has increased under both Republican (Trump) and Democrat (Biden) administrations as national debt has soared by trillions of newly printed dollars to cope with the “Covid-19 emergency.” That increase of the money supply started by Trump continues unabated by his successor.

Inflation is inevitable. It is impossible for the Federal Reserve Bank to hold interest rates as low as they are now. We are likely to see a significant increase in inflation, interest rates, and related economic troubles because these foolish decisions have been made before and the outcome is predictable.

Foolish choices are not being made, but instead we are seeing deliberate efforts to accomplish an outcome for the United States. Irresistible Revolution explains the long history that has led to current circumstances.