Independence Day

On this Independence Day it is sobering to see how valuable elected offices in the national government have now become. They control trillions of dollars in spending. Consequently aspiring men and women fight with words and deeds to gain the upper hand and occupy elected office.

Campaigns are now far more than billboards, radio commercials, television ads and speeches. They include protests, riots, burning buildings, assault and killing. Make no mistake, however, that you are witnessing nothing other than national political struggles to obtain elected offices.

Politics has invaded everything. Entertainment and news now advocates for one political party or another. It is tiresome and riddled with deceit by all involved. It is not news. And it is far from entertaining.

The volume of propaganda now being urged by both political sides is impossible to ignore and hard to tolerate.

The Constitution was written by inspired men to account for the low, mean and vulgar people now holding elected office. As we celebrate Independence Day, I am most of all grateful for the Founding Fathers, who foresaw the petty, ambitious and selfish knaves who would use clever slogans and gaudy displays to fool the public into electing them. I am grateful for separation of powers which results in ambitious office holders fighting among themselves.

Our system of government allows most of us to be left alone to live our lives as we choose.