Email about Adam and Eve

I got an email inquiry after my last post. The inquiry raised the issue of potential Deuteronomist corruption of the account of Adam and Eve. I responded:

The damage done by the Deuteronomists did not have any effect on the Brass Plates maintained by Laban. They were a much older account. That older account was what informed the descendants of Lehi.

Most of the Deuteronomist mischief came during and after the Babylonian captivity. The family of Lehi departed prior to the captivity.

Adam and Eve were ordained for a priestly role in the Garden of Eden, and were in God’s presence while serving in that capacity. Once cast out, the challenge forever after has been to recreate Eden and have God’s presence return to the Earth. Not just to visit but to take up His abode here. That is the reason for establishing temples by God’s people repeatedly in history. But the objective has always been the same: the return of Eden, the return of God, and the redemption of the Earth from the fall.

The problem was not partaking of the knowledge of good and evil. That was always the destiny of Adam and Eve. The problem was partaking in violation of the Sabbath, We lost the day of rest, mankind made himself rather than God the center of creation, and the original Sabbath day did not return until Christ’s resurrection.

It is apparent that Christ never intended to re-establish Eden in the Old World. He made some considerable advancement to that end among the Nephites. Who knows what was done among the others He visited in the post-resurrection ministry. But the burden of prophecy is clear; There will be a final Temple of God in which He returns to dwell on Earth. That will require priestly men and women to perform the obligations imposed for Divine worship, opening the heavens, and having Gods, angels and mankind associate with one another.

God always intended to have mankind gain knowledge of good and evil. But God also intended that the center would be occupied by God, not by man’s ambition and self-will. Christ did nothing but what the Father directed be done. He said nothing other than what the Father commanded Him to say. He suffered the will of the Father in all things. Christ performed the priestly service that Adam and Eve neglected to perform.