So Why Seal This?

Recent on-line activity has resulted in email inquiries sent to me. My mind has not changed: The bogus Brazil Sealed Book of Mormon contains nothing I would consider worth keeping under a seal from publication. It certainly does not contain the promised content to: “reveal all things from the foundation of the world unto the end thereof.” NC 2 Ne. 11:19. I am familiar with what that content would look like, and nothing resembling that is contained in the Sealed Book of Mormon text.

There is some interest in the idea of reincarnation implied in that text. I’ve never taught reincarnation. Quite the contrary, I’ve denounced it. There are too many living claimants to be returning “Peters” and “Jeremiahs” and “Moseses” for me to put any stock into these claims. As far as I can tell, those who teach reincarnation do so to make the claim they are some notable figure from scripture returned again to earth, and therefore deserve my attention and respect.

I think if one were a notable figure from scripture they would do something notable for the cause of Christ here and now. Failing to accomplish anything notable to advance faith in Christ here and now belies the claim to be some great, historic, prophetic figure from the past returned to live again.

So if you’re a returned significant past scriptural figure and are here now… for what possible reason? To bask in the glory of past achievements? Do you have a job to do on the Lord’s errand? Why not do THAT rather than lay claim to your unprovable past accomplishments and honors?

I make no claim to be some significant figure from the past. I’m not reincarnated with tales of my past glories. I’m just trying to serve the Lord here and now and hoping to do some little work before I die to please the Lord. All the while aware of my own limitations, inadequacies, and shortcomings.