Merry Christmas

Mankind began in God’s presence, but fell from grace. From the time of the fall there was a promised Redeemer who would restore mankind back to God’s presence.

Generation after generation few individuals ever regained God’s presence. God’s great desire for mankind to return to Him is best illustrated by the coming of the Messiah into this world as a mortal child. This is what we celebrate today.

God so wanted our return to Him, that He condescended to come here to be with us. God-with-us: Immanuel! The great “El”-singular form of Elohim-came to be with us. When we failed to ascend to Him, failed to awaken and arise, He came to us!

This act testifies to God’s willingness to have us return to Him. More than any other invitation extended in all scripture, God’s descent to be here among us shows His desire to have us be with Him.

This day is worth celebrating. But it is also a time for sober reflection on the mercy, kindness and greatness of God. Despite all our failings, He longs for us to return and to “be with us!”