Month: July 2018

28: Adam-ondi-Ahman

Today, Denver addresses the following: On April 19, 2017, you gave a talk entitled “Things to Keep Us Awake At Night.” In the paper you wrote, based on that talk, you state “Adam, in the presence of Son Ahman, will return the government to our Lord. This event, Adam-ondi-Ahman, or Adam in the presence of Son Ahman, will happen in the new temple, and will be done before the Lord returns to judge the world.” What is Adam-ondi-Ahman, why does it require a new temple, and who will be included in this great event?


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27: Generation

Today, Denver addresses the following: On September 22, 2016, you wrote that “If they are penitent and willing to trust God, the last-days Zion will be achieved by a single generation.” What is a “generation”, how long is it, and are we that generation?


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26: Defending Zion

Today, Denver answers the question, “With all of the wars and destruction prophesied for the end of the world, how will the Lord defend and protect Zion?”


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Restoration Conference Recording

A recording of all the talks given in the Joseph Smith Restoration Conference held in Boise last month are now available to watch at:

Restoration Conference Website

I learned things from others about the current state of the Restoration and thought all of the talks were interesting and worthwhile. I am grateful for the opportunity we had to attend.