Question About Covenant

I have been asked about two statements: one in the opening remarks at the Boise Conference which did not mention reading the Prayer for Covenant and another one in the note of section 158 saying that the prayer is to be read with the covenant. The opening remarks included this:

I have been given authority from God to deliver His covenant this day. Every formality required from the days of Adam until now for establishing a covenant has been kept and met. Once the covenant is established, those sustained by seven women (or a man inside his own family) who receive it also have authority to administer the ordinance to others who want to be numbered among God’s people. To administer to others, repeat the ordinance. Read aloud the Lord’s Answer and the words of the Covenant. Ask them to stand and say, Yes, and they will become one of the Lord’s covenant people. Do not change the words of the covenant, for to change an ordinance is to break it. (Isa. 24:5.)

The note at the beginning of Section 158 explains:

This covenant can be received at any time, in any place, by any person who has accepted the Doctrine of Christ. Either an authorized priesthood holder who has previously received The Covenant can administer it, or the recording of the Boise Covenant of Christ Conference can be used.The believer receiving The Covenant should have the words of the Prayer for Covenant and Answer to Prayer for Covenant read to them,following which they have read to them The Covenant, and then comply with the directions therein, answering “Yes” out loud at the appropriate moment.

The only reason to read the Prayer is to give context to the Answer. Otherwise you are reading the answer to a question without knowing what the question is. But, to be hyper-technical, the Prayer is not required. Only the Answer and Covenant are required. The Prayer is advisable, but not mandatory.