New Covenants

The second volume of the new scriptures is now in final form and published. It combines the New Testament and Book of Mormon into a single volume. Joseph Smith always intended for these two to be published together in a single volume.

The New Testament version used is the “Joseph Smith Translation” incorporates all changes he made, including punctuation changes. It is the first time all of the changes Joseph Smith made are in print.

The earlier version of the Joseph Smith Bible printed by the RLDS church included changes added by their publication committee. Those have been removed from this version. This is the most complete and accurate publication of Joseph’s work ever put into print.

The Book of Mormon in the volume is based upon the last version Joseph Smith edited in 1840. It also restores some of what was translated, but was changed, edited or omitted by the print versions previously made available.

There are chapter divisions, and paragraph numbers, but no versification. This makes reading the material very different from earlier versions of the scriptures.

Because this volume contains the new covenant offered by Christ given to the Jews, then to the Nephites, then to the gentiles, and now again to us, it has been titled “New Covenants.”

I’ve been very impressed with the new volume as I have begun to study it. There are important differences from previous scriptures. You can read the material free, on-line at the website, or you can obtain a printed copy from