Impressed by These Two

In a recent post I suggested Keith Henderson be approved as the recorder, recognizing it would require common consent because no one has the right to appoint anyone. The name of Jon Durfee was then suggested as another possible recorder. I received an email proposing Ken Jensen take votes on-line, and I put that up on this website also.

In the aftermath of my suggestion a voted be taken, there were intemperate comments made about the process, and also about both of these men. From my distance I only observed with interest the reactions.

Both Jon Durfee and Keith Henderson have individually contacted me and offered to withdraw their names to end any further conflict. I have told them both in separate conversations that I would not encourage them to withdraw. I think a choice is good and they should see it through.

The fact that both of these men offered to withdraw because of the reactions from others has impressed me. We are fortunate to have both of these men. We cannot do better than what I have witnessed in each of them.

Both of them have paid a price for their faithfulness. Both of them have suffered because of unwanted attention. Both of them would rather serve and obey God than appease improper demands by their fellow-man. Both of them have every quality I would want, you should want, or God should expect in the recorder, and both have my trust and confidence.

Rather than keep this to myself, I thought while voting was still taking place I would make this comment. There are good men and women among us, and Jon and Keith are two of them.